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“Forging Ahead with Enterprise and Fortitude、Hoist the Sail for New Horizons.”Xinyi Glass 2023 Annual Summary Conference was successfully held.

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On January 30, 2024, the Xinyi Glass 2023 Annual Summary Conference was successfully held. The level of Assistant Manager for department and above managerial executives from Xinyi Glass, senior-level title personnel within the group, and representatives of outstanding employees attended the meeting. Leadership figures present at the event included Mr. Lee Yin Yee, Chairman of the Board of Xinyi Group, accompanied by Mrs. Lee, Mr. Tung Ching Bor, Vice Chairman of the Board of Xinyi Group, Mr. Tung Ching Sai, Executive Director and CEO of Xinyi Glass, and Mr. Lee Shing Kan, Executive Director and Vice President of Xinyi Glass.

The conference began with reports from leaders in charge of various systems at Xinyi Glass on the completion of their work in 2023 and the work plans for 2024. On behalf of the board of directors, President Mr. Tung Ching Sai summarized Xinyi Glass's work throughout 2023. President Tung mentioned that in 2023, Xinyi Glass maintained a healthy and progressive development trend overall. Despite the impacts and challenges from various factors, all Xinyi staff demonstrated the spirit and responsibility of Xinyi career professional managers, continuously solidifying internal management, calmly addressing various challenges, and essentially achieving annual goals. Looking ahead to 2024, President Tung expressed that Xinyi will persistently anchor its goal as a century-old enterprise, adhere to customer-centric principles, uphold the mission of "Leading A Green New Life," and, with a global perspective, deeply cultivate comprehensive glass advantages. Xinyi Glass will advance the digital transformation of manufacturing and promote green, low-carbon, and high-quality development. The company aims to provide a safer and more stable supply chain, outstanding products, and services to its extensive partners, achieving a higher level of mutually beneficial cooperation. President Tung encouraged Xinyi employees to be courageous in competition, persistently dedicated, and unafraid of challenges.

At the meeting, Chairman Lee Yin Yee, on behalf of the Board of Directors of Xinyi Group, extended sincere greetings and Chinese New Year blessings to all Xinyi employees and their families. He fully acknowledged the achievements of the Group in 2023 and expressed earnest expectations for the development of Xinyi Glass in the new year. Xinyi will not forget its original aspirations, be grateful to the country, remember its mission, and contribute to society. While maintaining steady operations, Xinyi will continue to care for and support its employees, creating a better work and living environment. Chairman Lee reminded the employees to take care of their health.

At the meeting, there was also a recognition ceremony for outstanding teams and individuals of the year 2023.

The development of the enterprise and personal growth constitute the most wonderful mutual journey! In the fierce competition, the brave emerge victorious, and in the intense currents, those with strong determination take the lead! In 2024, let's forging ahead with enterprise and fortitude、Hoist the sail for new horizons!