R & D

Energy conservation and environmental protection technology, float glass and glass deep processing technology.

Xinyi is committed to providing researchers first-class research environment and international communication platforms. In the spirit of dedication, integrity, teamwork and innovation, all employees of Xinyi are working with world-class research institutes to build Xinyi into a leading enterprise.

R&D Innovation System
The group brings together top experts and talents from home and abroad in the fields of float glass, automobile glass and architectural glass, and has thousands of sets of state-of-the-art development software, instruments and equipments. As of December 2023, the Group has applied for more than 1,500 patents. Xinyi actively participates in and supports the formulation and revision of various industry standards and leads the industry development trend.
The group actively participates in academic and technical exchanges, strengthens cooperation with various research institutes at home and abroad, builds platforms for enterprise, universities and research institutes, and has cooperated with a number of universities and research institutions to develop research in the field of materials (inorganic glass materials, rubber and plastic materials, nano-films, composite materials) and energy-saving technology, in order to promote technological progress and innovation and become high-tech incubator for the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements.
Scientific Researcher Management and Incentive System
The group has established a number of talent incentive policies, such as "Patent Reward Policy", "Technology Achievements Recognition Policy", "Technology Innovation Incentive Policy", "Improvement Proposal Management Policy", and other incentive policies. Special rewards for scientific research personnel who have made significant contributions.

The group conducts technical seminars, establishes a professional title evaluation system, forms a scientific mechanism of talent training, exchange, learning and improvement, continuously enhances the professional skills of R&D talents in order to accumulate technological innovation strength for enterprises and establish a sustainable mechanism for talent development.